Busted! Don’t Believe These Eye Care Myths!

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There is a ton of fantastic health advice available online and offline. Unfortunately, along with the good comes a lot of bad too. Sometimes we hear information repeated so often, we accept it as the truth, and when it comes to your eye health, you cannot afford to take every rumour at face value. 

To help you steer clear of the many misconceptions and false-facts that could cause serious issues with your vision, Prairie Vision has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about eye care. 

Myth 1: Wearing eyeglasses can make your eyes worse
Eyeglasses are used to correct blurry vision, whether near or far. You may want to wear your glasses very often because you need to see clearly, but your glasses aren’t changing your eyes so that they become dependent on it or even get worse. It’s just that you get used to seeing things clearly while wearing them, so when you take it off, you just believe that your vision is getting worse. You’re experiencing the contrast between corrected and uncorrected vision. 

Myth 2: Sitting too close to the TV can damage your eyes
While sitting close to the TV or staring at any screen for an extended period of time can make your eyes feel tired, you are not doing any permanent damage to it. When you read or watch things on your phones, computer screens, and TV’s, you usually blink less often, which leads to your eyes getting dry and thus feel strained. Again, it does not cause any permanent damage. In fact, you can remedy this easily by taking short breaks from your screen time. 

Myth 3: Scratch-proof coating is available
While scratch-proof glasses would be amazing, that is not really a possibility. No lenses, not even glass, is 100% scratch proof. A scratch-proof, or should I say scratch-resistant coating on your lenses will make them more durable and scratch-resistant. This type of coating is good for people who tend to handle their glasses roughly as it protects it from shallow scratches. You will still end up getting scratches on your lenses though, so remember to be careful with them. 

If you’re looking to steer clear of these myths, reach out to Prairie Vision.

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