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Monaco by Optos©

Monaco is the only UWF imaging device with integrated OCT to help eye care professionals enhance their clinical exam and improve practice economics. Imaging modalities and image viewing options are detailed below.

Eye doctor, daytona monaco in Wainwright, ABMonaco is an exciting new way to enhance your clinical exam. The only ultra-widefield retinal imaging device with integrated OCT, Monaco produces a 200° single-capture optimal image in less than ½ second and also provides a cross-sectional 40° OCT views of retinal structures. Monaco enables a rapid multi-modality capture featuring color, autofluorescence, and OCT scans, for both eyes, in as little as two minutes.

Monaco offers the following benefits:

  • UWF with integrated OCT saves time, space and minimizes patient movement
  • Central pole OCT provides comprehensive multi-modal imaging
  • optomap images and OCT scans are correlated to facilitate pathology examination
  • Color, AF, and OCT images are shown in a single, comprehensive view