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What is Myopia?

Male Child Glasses Field 1280x480We’re all familiar with myopia.

Myopia is commonly called nearsightedness, where a person can see close-up but not at a distance. The higher the level of myopia a person has, then the worse one can see at a distance.

Myopia is a refractive error, which means that the light that normally enters our eyes is disrupted. The shape of the eye dictates how light will pass through the cornea and reach the optic nerve. When children or adults are diagnosed with nearsightedness (that they require prescription eyewear), often the shape of their eyeball has become longer.

While many children start are prescribed their first pair of eyeglasses when starting school, myopia isn’t the only eye problem children can face. Other eye conditions such as convergence insufficiency can be the cause behind a reading problem, while myopia would make it hard to see the blackboard.

Today, researchers recommend more time in the sun and plenty of exercise. Although determining what causes myopia is still a challenge to eye doctors, some factors have correlated with myopia progression:

  • Nationality
  • Region
  • Excessive time spent indoors
  • Usage of handheld devices, laptops or computers, or electronic devices in general
  • Genetics

For more information about eye conditions that could affect your child, make sure to reach about vision therapy.