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Safety Glasses and Prescription Safety Eyewear through Eyesafe | Wainwright

The Albert Association of Optometrists created a free program called eyesafe to provide safety eyewear to workplaces in Alberta. Understandably, companies balance various costs to maintain profit margins, and the highest standard of safety eyewear may not be on their priority list. From the eyesafe program, countless employees have received exceptional vision care across Alberta. For example, our eye doctors at Prairie Vision are able to offer affordable prescription safety glasses with added lens coatings to help nearsighted or farsighted employees perform their best.

Safety eyewear that meets the highest quality standards will prevent eye emergencies that could be caused by foreign bodies like bits of metal, sparks, and dust as well as avoid chemical burns. Plus, certain tasks may require a specific form of safety eyewear to fully protect one’s vision. Investing in bulk pairs of safety eyewear may be cost-effective for some workplaces, yet the eyesafe program allows a complete range of safety eyewear for employees to achieve the greatest level of eye health care.

Are you interested in a custom solution for your employees or workplace? Contact our office today. Prairie vision is a participating optometric practice offering local businesses the opportunity to protect their employees’ vision.