Vision Therapist At Prairie Vision

Eye Care Clinic in Wainwright, AB


Kathryn was born and raised in Wainwright, Alberta and proud to call it her home. She went to Lakeland College in Vermillion for Early Learning and Childcare and worked briefly in the daycares and Elementary schools in the area, which she finds beneficial to the position she’s in now. She started at Prairie Vision in the summer of 2015 and is now currently the full time Vision Therapist. In 2017, she was a part of the inaugural class of Vision Therapy Canada’s PracticalVision Therapy Accreditation Program. She enjoys working with the patients that come to our office, especially the kids she sees every week for Vision Therapy. When she’s not at the office, she’s with friends and family or you can find her glued to the TV watching NHL during the winter. Kathryn’s favorite eyewear line is Maui Jim.

Extracurricular Achievements:

  • VTC (formerly COVT&R) – Practical Vision Therapy Accreditation Program
  • OEP VT 1 Vision Therapy/Visual Dysfunctions
  • OEP VT 2 Vision Therapy/Learning Related Visual Problems
  • OEP VT 3 Vision Therapy/Strabismus & Amblyopia
  • OEP RCS Reflex Foundations in Vision Therapy