Our eyes are controlled by a set of muscles that must work together to have clear vision. Like other muscles these can become fatigued and make activities like reading, very difficult. These deficits can be hard to detect in a routine eye exam. Most of us believe that 20/20 vision is the best a person can see. However, seeing is only one skill in learning and is often the most easily treated. True vision occurs in the brain after the eye has “seen”. Your brain must make sense of what you see, pay attention to details and process important information and store it.

Signs and Symptoms can include:

  • Loses place while reading or skips lines. Re-reads lines
  • Uses finger or marker to help keep their place while reading (Beyond Grade 1)
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Avoids school work and may have poor attention span
  • Difficulty remembering what they’ve read
  • Tilts head or closes one eye while reading
  • Headaches after visual work such as reading or homework
  • Double vision
  • Reverses letters such as ‘b’ and ‘d’
  • One eye that turns in or out
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Poor eye-hand coordination, may avoid activities such as sports
  • Visual deficits or problems following a traumatic and/or acquired injury such as concussions.

Vision Therapy is an individualized treatment plan used to correct or improve certain dysfunctions of the visual system. There is no age limit for Vision Therapy, anyone can benefit. Vision Therapy is a process of teaching the patient to use their eyes more efficiently. Activities are programmed to provide the appropriate experiences necessary to reward beneficial eye skills such as focusing, teaming and tracking. Our programs include weekly one-on-one sessions with our therapist with prescribed daily home therapy to be completed. In addition, there will be progress evaluations with the optometrist every 8th week.

We offer Optometry Services to clients across Wainwright, Viking, Vermilion, Provost, Lloydminster, Alberta, Macklin, Saskatchewan, and the surrounding areas.

Our Optometry Services include: Emergency Eye Care | Eye Disease and Management | Vision Therapy | Eye Exams for the Family

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